10 Herbs To Ease Your Menopause Symptoms

There may be natural ways to help the body manage these common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause: Hot flushes, sweating Sleep disorders Depressive mood, nervousness, nervous irritability and generally impaired performance and memory Cardiac complaints, and joint and muscle symptoms Disorders of sexuality, urinary complaints, and vaginal dryness Hair loss Weight gain Bone loss Herbal teas are a great option. Whole herbs brewed in hot water are naturally gentle and...

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Fertility Tea For Women: 10 Herbs To Help Your Body Get Ready For Pregnancy

It’s indeed a wonderful feeling - when you decide to have a baby. Physically, your body gets ready for pregnancy every month. It goes through a series of steps that create optimal conditions for success. It’s a biological  symphony of sorts - hormone levels increase and decrease on cue from each other and trigger a synchronised sequence of steps - follicles are stimulated, ovulation happens, optimal conditions are created for fertilisation....

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Meditation Helps Improve Menopause Comfort

  From puberty to motherhood, women and their bodies undergo many changes, none of them easy. And menopause is no different. Whether it’s the hot flushes, weight gain, or sleepless nights, the menopausal journey is far from uneventful. And other than symptoms that decrease quality of life, the hormonal changes brought on by menopause are also known to increase health risks for heart, bone, gut, and brain. There is good...

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